Taking Inventory

January 11, 2010 at 6:32 pm (Random Thoughts, Why I'm crazy)

The first pile of fabric

Alrighty, we are well into January, so it’s officially time to get organized. We have been very successful at keeping the desk in the kitchen clean. It has been over two weeks, and there is still nothing on it that shouldn’t be on it. I was inspired by Anna’s Christmas gift. Doug and I also have an agreement that if either of us put something on the desk that doesn’t belong there, then we have to pay the other person one dollar. So far, I’m up a dollar. It’s been a very good incentive for us.

 Now, I’m on to phase 2: The fabric collection. I try and I try to not buy new fabric … unless I have a really good use for it. Well, I think I have a really good use for almost everything, but I’m not using it. Am I the only one with piles of fabric? So, I’m going to start some sewing projects in an attempt to pare down the clutter. I have some stuff to do for Ingrid, plus I never finished what I was doing for Andrea (that is mostly because I’m still cursing the Minky!) Also, there’s a baby boom going on in our ward right now, so I should be able to unload some fabric on burp cloths and blankets. I’m wondering if it’s wrong to use up all my fabric just so that I can go buy more fabric. I really, really love fabric! Thanks Trisha for keeping me honest. I don’t know where you saw the idea, but I”m running with it!


  1. ingrid said,

    I am tired of all the wires! Great idea for keeping countertops looking tidy!! I’m so intrigued now by what your making for moi! You are too kind…I already scored with the lsu hospital gown and all the great compliments received on your ingenuity!

  2. Trisha said,

    Happy to help! Way to go on clearing the clutter! I wish I were motivated…but I am working on it! My room is the goal room, I want it to be pretty and clean. I have all the supplies to make it new! Paint, fabric, and furniture! I hope to tackle it lickety split!

    Ingrid, thanks for the sweet comments! Let’s do it! a Quilt block exchange..GREAT IDEA! I am going to make a post about it and try to get like 9 or 12 lovely ladies!!! Maybe Christina, and Merrilee will pile on and hopefully 4 or 7 others! Watch for details!

    Sarah, hope you are ok with me using this comment forum to advertise for my plan!

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