Saturday Adventure Series

January 13, 2010 at 8:34 am (Family, Fun Stuff, Road Trips)

Posing after the grape stomp

I was less than consistent in my posting throughout the fall, but I thought I’d share one particularly great Saturday with the family. I’m pretty sure this was one of the last Saturdays before school started. This was also when I was still a newspaper subscriber, so I knew about all of the fun goings on. That particular Saturday there was some kind of vineyard tour that included a free grape stomp. I was envisioning a huge thing right out of A Walk in The Clouds, but instead we got this:

So authentically European!

It really wasn’t all I thought it was going to be, and the whole texture was kind of gross. There were lots of kids there, but I don’t think they were used to people who showed up solely to stomp the grapes, and not purchase any wine. Oh well, it was an experience!

Once we were on the road we pulled out the Texas Tour Guide to see what we were close to. It turned out that we weren’t all that far from Lockhart. What is Lockhart, you ask. It’s the barbeque capital of Texas! So, off we went to test what the best barbeque in the world (if it’s the best in Texas, it must be the best in the world!). It was an extremely hot day, and being in a room full of fire pits didn’t help, but the place certainly wasn’t lacking ambience! We only went to one place, but I’m sure we’ll go back to compare with the other restaurants in town.

Next stop, the Aquarena. This is on the campus of Texas State University. It used to be a fun park, with rides and underwater mermaid shows, plus I’m pretty sure there was, at one time, a swimming pig! The park closed down about ten years ago, I think, and the university took it over. Now they use it for research. One of the things you can do at the Aquarena is take a glass bottom boat tour. It’s honestly all a little bit out of an episode of Lost. You can see where they used to do the show, and the tower from where the tram used to be. A little creepy, but also lots of fun.

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  1. nisa said,

    dang. sad i did not know. ha. would have joined you. i’ve been wanting to do the glass bottom boat tour forever.

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