Avoiding What?

March 4, 2010 at 5:41 pm (Random Thoughts)

A little get well package for a friend

My friend Dixie has a theory that when one becomes super obsessed with finishing certain projects it’s because one is avoiding something else. So, after a week of finishing up various crafty projects around the house, I’m wondering what exactly it is that I’m avoiding.

I think we know who this is for

I think the most logical answer is the playroom. I don’t think I’ve walked up the stairs in two weeks. After a while the idea just terrifies me! It could also be the cleaning all of the bathrooms. I know we have to clean, but the whole house went through a nasty bug, and I don’t relish getting up close and personal with the toilets. Plus, 3 boys + 3 bathrooms = gross!

Just for fun!

I might also be avoiding the post office. I have a lot of stuff to mail, but I hate going in there with all of the kids. I would normally go to the after hours automated machine, but you can’t use those when you’re shipping internationally and I have a parcel for Canada (so far my mom’s birthday present is only a week late!). Update, this post has taken longer than I thought, so my mom’s present is now three weeks late, but as a bonus my dad is here, so I’m just sending it back with him. That means I can head to the post office after hours!

Even newly-pedicured toes are still a little ugly!

So far I have finished two rag quilts, six tie blankets for Project Linus, a Star Wars blanket for William, plus a pedicure for me. The bathrooms however, are all clean. My dad is here, so all of the laundry is clean, pressed and folded. I’m sure I’m still avoiding something, but I’m not quite sure what.

Any ideas?



  1. DJo said,

    It’s me, you are avoiding me.

  2. ingrid said,

    And me. We’ll miss you and your crew this weekend.

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