Turn Around Don’t Drown

March 10, 2010 at 8:06 pm (Random Thoughts)

When we first moved here, San Antonio was experiencing one of the rainiest Summers on record (for those of you in Utah, rainy just means a lot of “moisture!”). There was a lot of flooding. Our neighborhood is pretty hilly, so there was never a lot of flooding around here, Mostly we would just see the drainage ditches filling up. However, every day we would see warnings on the freeways.

Turn Around Don’t Drown

I always thought to myself that it seemed like a ridiculous warning. If a road was covered in water, you obviously wouldn’t drive through it. That Summer though, quite a few people died because they got washed away by the water.

I hadn’t really thought about too much until a few weeks ago when we went out for an afternoon drive. We took some backroads, and we were checking out some different neighborhoods. At one point we came up to a closed road. The road was obviously closed due to high water. The road was still impassable even though it hadn’t rained that day. I got the camera out to take some pictures when I noticed this:

What is wrong with this picture?

Then on Sunday I was a substitute teacher for the 14  year olds on Sunday School. The lesson was, in part, about Lot and his wife, and what happened to them as they were leaving Sodom. I would like to think that if God was out there threatening to rain down fire on my city, that I might be quick to get on out of town. But they didn’t leave quickly, and then Lot’s wife turned around.

So, it’s had me questioning myself a little. I’ve never had a huge warning like Lot, or a big flashing sign that I haven’t listened to, but there have been lots of little things that I have been warned about. For example, I know that no good comes from having my kids play as much Super Mario Bros. as they play. I know that our home is far more harmonious when it is tidy and yet I can’t keep it tidy for very long. I am also quite certain that no good came out of Doug and I going to the French Quarter during mardi gras a few years ago.

So, what does all this man? Nothing at all really. I’m just rambling, but this whole thing has been on my mind. How do we heed the warnings, both big and small? If we aren’t listening to the little things, will we be prepared when the big things come our way?

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