It’s a Hard-Knock Life

March 22, 2010 at 9:51 pm (Family, Kids)

Well, now that Spring Break is officially over at our house we are trying to get back to some sort of schedule. Samuel was on the bus first thing this morning with his lunch, his library book, and his reading logs.

The other boys were also up early, but they didn’t quite know what to do once Samuel left. I decided against the gym because I was going to be watching a friend’s daughter (when the friend’s daughter got sick I stuck to my guns and stayed home!).

I will not lie, there was a little bit of PBSkids, but I also managed to get dinner in the crockpot, lots of laundry done, plus a load of dishes.

For some reason everyone seems a little cranky though. After lunch, William went to the backyard, while Ben and Afton went for their naps. William and I then worked on Reading lesson #24 (so much easier the second time around!).

At this point it was only 12:30pm. What to do now? William wanted to watch another show, but they aren’t on again until 1:00 (I know I can find them other places, but when I stick to the PBS schedule it helps limit the time my kids watch). I told William to give me 5 minutes and then I would turn on the spelling games on the computer.

Well, imagine my surprise when I went to look for him a few minutes later and I found this on my bedroom floor:

It's a rough life!

Oh to be four years old!

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