Adventures with Grandpa

March 9, 2010 at 5:55 pm (Family)

Out for a yummy breakfast at the Magnolia Haus

Samuel called my dad a couple of months ago and told him that he’d like him to come for a visit. Now, my dad might think that I put my eldest up to this, but I did not. All on his own, Samuel decided to make the call, and all on his own did he make the million follow-up calls just to make sure that grandpa didn’t forget.

At the zoo

Eventually we managed to guilt my father into a week in the sunshine. My dad isn’t really a relax while you’re on vacation kind of guy, which means that all the laundry is done, the garage,  microwave and the vacuums have been cleaned out (that’s right people, you should be cleaning out your vacuums!), and we have all gained 5 lbs.! Dad is now at my sister’s and he’s probably cleaning out the chicken coops and planting spring vegetable gardens!

At the Japanese Tea Gardens

At one point, when trying to come up with a plan for the day, we had the following conversation:

me: “What would you like to do today, dad?”

dad: “Whatever you like daughter, I’m just here to help. What you be doing if I wasn’t here?”

me: “Absolutely nothing. I probably wouldn’t even be dressed yet.”

So, that’s kind of how it went. There were some exciting times, the Canada/US Olympic Gold Medal match (despite my new citizenship status, I was rooting for the home team), lunch at Samuel’s  school, Chuck E. Cheese, the Wild Animal Safari, the Japanese Tea gardens, local hockey, Double Dave’s, Sonic, many trips to HEB.

Don't worry, we had come to a full and complete stop!

My dad also took all of the kids for haircuts. I tried a practice cut on William, but it definitely needed to be repaired! There were also two movie night with just my dad and the kids. There weren’t any G movies at the theater, so my dad bought a couple of dvd’s and they plopped down on the couch with blankets and treats.

Movie Night!


I love the relationship that my dad has with my kids. One morning he went in and read to Samuel’s kindergarten class (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much I love his teacher!). I think I had a great relationship with my grandmothers, but it was nothing like this. They want to call Canada every single day.

Afton at the petting zoo

On the way to the airport Samuel and William were in the back of the van, and the conversation went something like this:

William: “Hey Samuel, do you want Grandpa to go home?”

Samuel: “No.”

William: “Me too.”

Me: “Why don’t you guys tell that grandpa before he leaves?”

Samuel: “Nah, we’ll just call him when he gets home and ask him  to come back. Grandma said that she wants to come visit too.”

I feel like the week was pretty jam-packed. Mid-week I felt like we still had a lot of time left, but then Saturday was here in a flash. Hopefully my dad knows how much we loved having him here. With four kids and 13 grandkids, the competition can be pretty fierce for time with the grandparents! We’re ready for a return visit any time!

With Ben at Chuck E. Cheese's

p.s. The list of things that my dad did is only partial. I don’t have enough space on the computer to list everything!

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Avoiding What?

March 4, 2010 at 5:41 pm (Random Thoughts)

A little get well package for a friend

My friend Dixie has a theory that when one becomes super obsessed with finishing certain projects it’s because one is avoiding something else. So, after a week of finishing up various crafty projects around the house, I’m wondering what exactly it is that I’m avoiding.

I think we know who this is for

I think the most logical answer is the playroom. I don’t think I’ve walked up the stairs in two weeks. After a while the idea just terrifies me! It could also be the cleaning all of the bathrooms. I know we have to clean, but the whole house went through a nasty bug, and I don’t relish getting up close and personal with the toilets. Plus, 3 boys + 3 bathrooms = gross!

Just for fun!

I might also be avoiding the post office. I have a lot of stuff to mail, but I hate going in there with all of the kids. I would normally go to the after hours automated machine, but you can’t use those when you’re shipping internationally and I have a parcel for Canada (so far my mom’s birthday present is only a week late!). Update, this post has taken longer than I thought, so my mom’s present is now three weeks late, but as a bonus my dad is here, so I’m just sending it back with him. That means I can head to the post office after hours!

Even newly-pedicured toes are still a little ugly!

So far I have finished two rag quilts, six tie blankets for Project Linus, a Star Wars blanket for William, plus a pedicure for me. The bathrooms however, are all clean. My dad is here, so all of the laundry is clean, pressed and folded. I’m sure I’m still avoiding something, but I’m not quite sure what.

Any ideas?

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