Our Week-end in Red Stick

April 6, 2010 at 9:23 am (Family, Road Trips, Texas)

Alright, so I know no-one actually calls it Red Stick, but I needed a title! We decided to head over to Baton Rouge for Easter week-end. I’m so glad our kids are good travelers, because 500 miles in a week-end could be daunting for some families!

We are very safety conscious in our family!

Cousin Emily hunting for eggs

We had a great visit with Doug’s grandparents and his brother Scott (along with his adorable family). We ate at the Country Club, went to the Farmer’s Market, the state capitol, and a little restaurant so Doug could satisfy his sausage po’ boy craving! There was also Easter egg dyeing, the hunt and a trip to the pool. I don’t know that we could have fit more into the time we had in Baton Rouge.

Strawberries from the farmer's market

How's this for cute?!

We also proved an urban legend along the way. In case you’re wondering, there is no actual mile marker for mile 666 on I-10. There is a marker that is yellow and black, but there are no numbers. I don’t know how many states even have a mile 666, but now you know, the highway department is a little superstitious!

At the state capitol


  1. Sharleen said,

    I’m gonna have to one-up you on the mileage in a weekend. From a thurs. to a monday, we road-tripped 1450 miles. (1225 miles of it was done in the first 30 hours . . .I still can’t believe we did that!). However, we only had one kiddo at the time. I can’t imagine going 1000 miles in a weekend with FOUR kids. I think you and Ingrid are to be commended for your roadtripping abilities with so many children!
    BTW, the picture of Afton is wonderful – I think that class is paying off!

  2. ingrid said,

    Sharleen, you are too funny! We actually road tripped 2800+ miles this past week for our spring break. It was fun and we also are grateful for good travelers. Our baby picked up her 11th state on her 4th month bday!

    Sarah, wish we could have been in two places at once! Baton Rouge looked like great fun!!! I also love that photo of Afton and all her blond hair! Seriously, when did she become a blond?!?! I thought I just saw her a few months ago and she was a brunette!!! One thing’s for sure, she is a cutie!

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