April 9, 2010 at 3:11 pm (Grrr!, Uncategorized)

I think I’ve been in a little bit of a funk today. I was going to catalog a list of my current pet peeves for you (things like: not putting away grocery carts and women who are far too old, wearing skirts that are far too short on windy days, sans underwear!). Anyway, the whole thing seemed like a bit of a downer, so I thought I’d look for happier news on the internet. That was a bit of a wasted effort. I came across this story, which I find slightly disturbing. It really annoys me, because when I’m looking to get away from it all I tell Doug that we should move to Maine! Now, I have to find another place to move in my imagination! I don’t understand why things get “confusing” when you want to separate public bathrooms by gender. Help me out on this.

On a more positive note, and completely unrelated, we’re having a giveaway today over at Frankly Entertaining.

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  1. Anna said,

    okay, that was the most ridiculous thing I’ve every read. what are people thinking when they come up with a stuff like that? Grrrrrr.

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