Another week-end, another road trip

April 15, 2010 at 8:18 am (Family, Road Trips)

The whole family all dressed up!

I feel like we’ve been taking little week-end road trips forever. We’re looking forward to an actual week-end at home this week! What’s nice is that our trips aren’t really that far, so we’re able to do them in three days. What was great about this trip was that we got to meet a new niece, and I got to talk all about photography with Sharleen. I also got a lesson in logarithms from both Doug and Sharleen because of a faulty equation from my photography class (the term starbust miles comes to mind!). That’s right, our road trips are fun and educational!

Baby Grace

Grace and Afton

We went to Dallas for our nephew’s baptism, and the whole thing went wonderfully well. The weather could not have been more perfect. It would be nice if we could head up to Dallas during the week at some point so that we could see some of the sites. Maybe next time we’ll add an extra day to the trip.  If I was a little more informed we could have gone to see the implosion of the old Cowboys Stadium, but I didn’t read about that until Monday morning.

Hieu and Isaac

Ben enjoying his crawfish

So, this is really about the pictures! If you want to read about the crawfish boil that Dan and Amy hosted, check out franklyentertaining.

The Roberts Men!

Samuel eating Lasagna at the crawfish boil?!


  1. Lisa Loo said,

    Hey? Some weekend, we would like to come up and visit. A saturday maybe? Are you interested?

  2. Trisha said,

    So cute! Samuel is hysterical! Oh my, you look so stunning in the family picture! Sarah you are gorgeous! Miss you!

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