What all the cool moms are wearing to Labor & Delivery

April 16, 2010 at 7:31 am (Crafty Stuff, Fun Stuff)

It looks cuter in person!

I think this is going to be my new favorite shower gift. It’s homemade, but it doesn’t take me as long as a blanket, and it’s nice because sometimes there are a million blankets at a shower. I want to be able to give something that the new mom wants, but maybe her own hospital gown is something she doesn’t even know she wants. This is the third one I’ve made, and I think they’re getting better (sorry to the recipients of the first 2!). I can’t remember where exactly I found the pattern, but it was online somewhere. There is an old McCall’s pattern, I think, but you have to be on our toes to win it off of Ebay. This pattern was free. The lady makes hospital gowns for sick people. How nice is that. Her only rule is that you can’t sell the gowns. I’m all for that, because once you start charging, everyone expects your seams to be straight! So, I’m all for everyone making homemade hospital gowns … unless we’re going to th same shower!

p.s. There’s a giveaway for a Le Creuset pan over at Bloom today. If you don’t already know, Bloom is my cousin’s awesome site about all things wonderful.


  1. Sharleen said,

    I LOVE mine!! In fact, I packed it up with all my maternity clothes and sent it to my prego little sister. She’s excited to have her baby in style too! Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Sarah.

  2. Sharleen said,


    i think this might be the link . . .

    • Sarah said,

      You’re right Sharleen. How appropriate that I was too lazy to go find it!!

  3. Ingrid said,

    You two are Internet queens!

    I love mine too.I am pretty sure I was the coolest new mama over here with my fancy Lsu hospital gown!

  4. andrea said,

    That is way cool much better than the lovely green one I got last time it almost makes me wish we were not done having kids 🙂 I guess I’ll have to let you know if I ever have another reason for an extended hospital stay 🙂

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