April 26, 2010 at 8:52 pm (Food, Fun Stuff, Uncategorized)

Girls' Night Out!

Tina and her Brighton helpers

Well it’s been a little while, but you all know how busy my life is! If I’m not changing diapers then I’m watching t.v. and eating bonbons! I feel like I should be a bit more exciting so that I can have more exciting things to write. So, wouldn’t you know that last week I did something pretty exciting.

The throngs of people!

It was Fiesta here in San Antonio, and I participated in my first official Fiesta event. It wasn’t Battle of the Flowers (I’m not brave enough to head downtown during the madness), but it was Taste of the Northside. It’s a great fundraiser for the Brighton Center, which is a group that helps developmentally delayed children. A friend of mine has received a lot of support from this group, and if we can give back by taste testing awesome food, then who am I to argue?!

The Drunken Strawberries

As a bonus, this event was filled with inappropriate clothing and inappropriate displays of public affection (I’m not judging, but once you reach a certain age, making out gets creepy!)!

Fiesta hats

The food was great. There were truffles, chocolate chip cookies, lettuce wraps, frozen lemonade, and much more. I think a motivator for some people may have been all of the drink tickets that came with your admission, but I used those for chocolate shakes from Cheesy Jane’s.

Who knew this was back in style?

I'm putting that stomach on my visualization board!

It just seems wrong!

Towards the end of the night I may have had one too many shakes because I was getting a little silly, but really, I wasn’t nearly as silly as half of the people on the bus ride back to the parking lot! If you’re in town for Fiesta next year, you should definitely attend.

Fiesta buttons

Don't forget a flower for your hair.

Right before she fell down!

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  1. ingrid said,

    This Fiesta experience almost looks as fun as your medieval carnival from last year!

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