Another Week-end in Baton Rouge

July 15, 2010 at 5:56 pm (Family, Food, Road Trips)

After some snowballs!

You know I love me a road trip!! I just wish that we could do these for five days instead of just the week-end. We had to leave before the shrimp boil this time, and it was a little sad! Of course, 4 out of 6 people got sick on this trip, so it was probably time to head home!

Andrew at the Country Club

This was by far the best drive we have ever had through Houston. I was grumbling a little bit about having to leave at 4:30, but everything worked out really well. We even went to the Houston Aquarium for dinner. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. It’s right off the freeway and it’s outside of the Aquarium so you don’t have to pay admission, but there are huge tanks in the restaurant. If only we had known that Doug’s sister and family were also in Houston that night, we could have made a group trip!!

Doug and his Mom

We arrived in Baton Rouge on Friday morning and hung out with the family and grandma and grand-dad’s house. We went for a swim in the pool and then checked ourselves into the hotel before dinner at the BRCC.

Afton with the absolute favorite toy at the great-grandparents

Ah… the country club. I have oft lamented that we didn’t get to go to the country club very much, but now I know why. My kids do not do particularly well in that environment! We had our room because there were so many of us, and there were children doing somersaults on the dance floor, hiding under the piano, knocking over giant divider screens, and throwing up (the last two were mine, in case you were wondering!).

Ben blowing out someone else's candles

After dinner my darling husband took the kids, and the ladies and I went to go see whatever Twilight movie is out right now. A shout out to my brother-in-law, Dan who knew someone at the movie theater and got us passes! I’m just going to say that these movies make me feel old and unromantic, but am I the only one who says go with the hottie werewolf instead of the slightly creepy 150 year old vampire?! Also there were a couple of guys in the row in front of us making fun of us while texting on their phones. I think if you’re two teenage guys going to see Twilight by yourselves on a Friday night, maybe you shouldn’t be making fun of other people!

All the kids and great-grandma waiting out the lightning

On Saturday we had a fun birthday celebration for my niece Julianna and all the other July birthday people. There was lots of yummy food and an almost swim party. Unfortunately it started to thunder and lightning once everyone got their swimsuits on!

I know it's blurry, but I just want to show that I do brush my hair sometimes!

Saturday night some of the group went to see the Sound of  Music and some of us stayed back to visit. After the play Doug and his brother Mike went to see the Last Airbender while Ingrid and I chatted in the hotel hallway. I’m trying to convince Mike and Ingrid to move to San Antonio, but so far I’ve come up lacking!

Cousins working on the craft that Aunt Ingrid organized

On Sunday we had church and then a quick visit before we started the drive home. I had just read about a BBQ place in Houston, so we stopped to try it out. It was a little out of the way, and Doug still hasn’t found a place in Houston that he likes better that Goode & Co.

The birthday girls

So, now we’re home sweet home preparing for the next adventure, which will probably be sometime during football season!

Afton's newest skill!


  1. sharleen said,

    afton is quite the darling little girl! wish we could’ve been there!

  2. ingrid said,

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO great to see you! I love your pics and I love your fam!

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