Swimming Lessons ’10

July 28, 2010 at 12:53 pm (Family, Kids, Uncategorized)

This is our third year doing swimming lessons with Miss Joni. This year Ben joined his brothers and as an added bonus, the lessons took place at our neighborhood pool which meant there was lots of shade and plenty of chairs!

I think this was probably Samuel’s big year. I don’t know how much William advanced. Ben had a lot of fun, but we’re clearly not done with the lessons! Samuel might qualify for swim team next year, or we might just consider swimming a fun activity. The key is to go to the pool every day to practice. We’re usually about three times a week, but we might have to step it up a bit!


  1. sharleen said,

    we are pool frequenters as well! sounds like you all are having fun! Isaac’s in a life vest again this year and LOVES swimming around the pool in it. I think he enjoys the freedom and safety that comes with his flotation device. How nice that you guys have a neighborhood pool. We’re lucky to have been in apartments with a pool ever since we got married. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. ingrid said,

    Yeah for your boys! I am a huge advocate of giving opportunities for learning how to swim EARLY! Living in FL and being surrounded by almost every neighbor with pools, the beach nearby, and lakes everywhere, learning to swim is a MUST! We just visited our old neighborhood pool with friends just yesterday and it reminded me how quickly our children learned to swim independently and learn safety skills by the young age of 2 because we were there multiple times a day, six days a week! It really is such a gift to have a neighborhood pool…so take advantage of it! I agree 100% that daily visits are the key!

  3. andrea said,

    I wondered if you still did lessons with Joni. I was just wishing at the beginning of the summer that we had her here. she’s great.

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