9 Years

July 6, 2011 at 7:41 am (Dougisms, Family, Makes me Smile, Marriage)

So young and carefree!

I’m going to take a quick break from my never-ending re-cap today. It’s my anniversary, so I thought I’d do a little sharing about my fabulous married life! I have to tone it down a little bit, because I don’t want all of my many readers (hi mom!) to be jealous. If you know Doug at all, you know I’m married to the most romantic man … ever! (There really should be a sarcasm font!)

Look what 9 years does!

Last night Doug asked me if we should buy gifts for today. I told him I want him to just apply this year’s gift to the big celebration next year! The gift for 9 years is supposed to be pottery, and I’m all good on knick-knacks, so I’m waiting for the gift to be European Vacation without the children! We won’t out for dinner on Friday because we knew it would be impossible to get a sitter tonight because of Girls’ Camp and EFY. Besides, sometimes it’s nice to just cook a fancy dinner at home. Sadly though, I forgot to go to the grocery store before Doug left for work, and now I’m going to do my meal shopping with all 5 kids … slightly not romantic!

Sometimes I just need to look at this so I can smile through the madness!

So, you’re probably wondering how we do it, and how we make it look so easy? There are a lot of trade secrets that I’m keeping to myself until I publish the how-to book, but until then, just know that it helps to be married to a comedian! With 5 kids all under the age of 8, I need to laugh as much as possible! It also helps to be married to someone who is super smart. When I’m having those sleep deprived days where I can’t remember the names of my children, it’s good to remember that Doug wouldn’t marry someone stupid! Last but not least, you need to manage expectations. I think that’s a fancy way of saying don’t set the bar too high, but it helps to not expect flowers every day, then when they do come, I’m pleasantly surprised! This philosophy also works with my children!

So, happy anniversary do us! I hope I didn’t ruin it all for the rest of you!!

p.s. Should this have been a serious post … maybe next year? In case you’re worried, we’re all still very much in love!!



  1. Sylvia Edwards said,

    Happy Anniversary,maybe we can do a show for the big one next year.This is our big one this year,time does fly,but I think I’ll have to wait a year or so for our travelling.BTW how did the croissants turn out – so many French cafes here .Love you .Mom

  2. sharleen said,

    Your lives have changed A LOT in the last 9 years. 5 kiddos! Wow. Oh and the matching outfits – impressive with such a new little wee one. One of my favorite things about you Sarah is your sarcasm. This post was delightful and sweet. Happy 9 years to you and Doug!

  3. ingrid said,

    Sarah, I love this…it is so you! I don’t know too many people that have had 5 kids in 9 years and you wear it well! 🙂 May you and Doug enjoy a relaxing, gourmet dinner at home and lots of love showered upon you by those little ones!!! Happy Anniversary!

    I devoted a post to you today…by the way!

  4. julie said,

    Happy Anniversary!
    So glad to see you are back at it! We have missed reading your witty accounts of life with kids!

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