Road Trip: Wrap up

December 2, 2011 at 4:48 pm (Family, Road Trips, Uncategorized)

I hate that I’ve been looking at that lost post forever! I wanted to write about the other 4 days in detail, but really I just want to move on to the other things that have been going on. What’s kind of lame is that I’m going to combine all the days from the reunion!

The reunion was the p0int of the whole road trip. We needed to be at Rocky Mountain National Park to meet up with all 50 members of my husband’s family for three days of non-stop action and potato sack races. Because the baby was still pretty new at that point, I didn’t do as much visiting as I would have liked, but the kids had an amazing time. The sad thing about family reunions is how it reminds us that we don’t live near any of our family. Our closest family is five hours away. I know that’s not too bad, but it would be great if my kids had cousins to play with on a regular basis.

The biggest kudos of this trip go to my mother and father-in-law who organized the whole thing. It’s a huge task to get this many people in the same place, and not one person was missing! Thanks also go to Bryan and Charlotte who planned a lot of the nitty gritty (including the aforementioned potato sack race!). Samuel and William even made it to Junior Ranger status on this adventure.

The weather was absolutely perfect the entire time. There was still snow up in the mountains, which was a treat for my kids that weren’t born in Utah! It really was a great few days. I should write more, but I really do need to move on! Hopefully I’ll be able to get better caught up!


  1. sharleen said,

    I agree – great work Frank, Anita, Bryan and Charlotte – such a great time! I love you and your family and your blog!

  2. ingrid said,

    Since you brought up the sack races not once, but twice on this post, I must comment that we brought those sacks all the way from Florida IN our suitcases ON the plane!!! I don’t normally like to take credit for things, but those sacks sure took up the bulk of our suitcase and I think we did pretty well for packing only two big suitcases and one carry on suitcase for a two week trip with a family of 6! While brainstorming about some group activities/games, Bryan had asked us about some outdoor games and we brought up the idea of sack racing and three legged races. It turned out to be great fun! The whole reunion was great fun…including that fancy petting zoo and carnival you put on! Thanks again for hosting it!

  3. ingrid said,

    Oops…I just realized that I have a family of 7…soon to be 8!

  4. Charlotte said,

    ingrid, i was going to give you kudos…especially since I really didn’t plan ANY of the games! the reunion really was great fun, and i know what you mean, sarah, about getting together and being sad that we live so far from each other.
    anyway, i have been picture snagging for the annual calendar, so i am digging pics from blogs and facebook…and please, let us know next time you sneak up to utah. we would have loved to see you and doug for a minute or two, we would have even made the trip up to the big city for it!
    also, kudos to you for finishing your reunion blogging!

  5. Ingrid said,

    Charlotte, you planned everything!!!! You planned that whole reunion so kudos to you and Bryan and your parents! It was a huge success. We just did a 15 minute sack race which I think would be great fun to make a Roberts tradition for all future reunions! It was pretty entertaining!

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