Big Week-end

February 13, 2012 at 11:34 pm (Uncategorized)

This was actually a little over a week ago, but I thought I’d post it now because my dad wanted to see the bike that he helped Samuel get for his birthday. We got William a bike when he turned 5, but we discovered that it’s now way too small. This revelation came about because William decided, a little over a week ago, that he was done with training wheels. One of the things that I love about Doug is that, when William said he was done with training wheels, he went right to the garage and took the training wheels off. We didn’t really have to remove the training wheels because William has grown so much. He ended up learning to ride without training wheels on Samuel’s new bike. I had no idea how many bikes our family would go through, and we’re not even close to done!

So, these are pictures of Samuel’s new birthday bike, and William learning to ride a two wheeler.William picked it up pretty quick, and he wasn’t afraid to get back on the back after he fell. When did my kids get so big?!


  1. sharleen said,

    Way to go William! So, I’m curious, what size bike? We still have not bought one for Isaac and we were going to get him a 16″ last year, but maybe since he’ll at least be 5.5 when he gets one, maybe we should get a bigger bike?

  2. Ingrid said,

    Yay, William!!! I love your shirt too!

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