Samuel’s Big Birthday

March 6, 2012 at 2:39 pm (Family)

Eventually I’ll put these posts in chronological order, but for now, I’ll just get them written!

Samuel turned 8 in October. Eight is a big year for him, because he got to be baptized. Because his birthday is toward the end of the month, he had to wait until November to be baptized. Our stake does stake baptisms once a month. Usually there are a few kids getting baptized, but in November there was only Samuel.Since there was only Samuel, we got to plan the program.

We were very fortunate that lots of family came to show their love for Samuel. Grandpa and Grandma came from Canada, and Granny and grandpa made the drive form Richardson. Amy came with her kids and Scott and Aimee came with their family. I think the award for the longest drive goes to Mike and Ingrid, who drove from Florida!

Our kids love getting time with their cousins. In fact, when I mentioned that I thought it would be fun to have a family vacation with just our family, I was completely outvoted! Their idea of a vacation always involves cousins!

The night before the baptism everyone started trickling in. We had some barbecue ready, and enjoyed some wonderful visiting. The baptism was bright and early Saturday morning. Because it was just us, our goal was to be out in under an hour, and  I think we were successful. My dad gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and Doug’s dad gave the talk on baptism. Samuel’s cousin Kennedy played the piano and Julianna was the chorister. Uncle Scott and Uncle Mike were the witnesses. Ingrid played a violin piece with Kennedy. Samuel picked out the music he liked, and he was also very happy when the bishop read to him from the Book of Samuel during his talk.

After the baptism we went back to the house for some brunch-type food. It was great getting to visit with everyone, and we were treated to another performance by Ingrid. If you ever get the chance to here Ingrid play her favorite hymn, you should definitely do it. Obviously it was already a tender day for me, but having all my family together, sitting in the living room, listening to music. It was my own Little House moment!

After lunch everyone but granny and grandpa headed to Sea World. Granny and Grandpa headed back out of town. After a full morning and then a full day at Sea World, we were all exhausted, but we were so grateful that everyone came. Only two years until we can do it all again!!


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