Back to School 2011

December 5, 2011 at 11:52 am (Family, Kids)

First Day of School

This was a big back to school year at our house. William and Samuel are both at school this year. I wasn’t quite sure how William would take to Kindergarten, but he really seems to be enjoying himself. I have loved watching him and Samuel talk about school every day. They love to talk about people they see, or what happens when other kids get in trouble! Right now we have Toys for Tots going on, and it was great watching William’s expression when he realized the toys were for somebody else!

Samuel’s teacher this year absolutely loves teaching. She seems so excited every time I talk to her (which really isn’t that much!). Samuel has been working hard at climbing the reading chart. His teacher measures reading by time. Before this year, no student had read more than 5000 minutes during the school year. Samuel made it his goal to read 6,000 minutes! So far, he’s well on his way. There’s another student in his class who is also very goal oriented, and it helps keep him motivated!

Samuel with his teacher

William’s teacher had me a little worried. She seems very dainty, and I was worried that William might be overpowering. I needn’t have feared. She has everything under control! William comes home every day talking about snacks and free stations. I love how carefree kindergarten is! He seems to making great advances with his reading, and he likes having his own friends from school.

William and his first teacher

I feel so grateful that our kids get to attend such a wonderful school that makes learning fun and stress-free. It’s nothing like school was for me (not that school was stressful for me, it’s just that everything seems much bigger here). When I was in elementary there were two classes for every grade. At Samuel and William’s school there are six classes for every grade. It makes Thanksgiving assemblies insane!

I’m sure it won’t always be this fun for them, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts!

As a side note, just so I don’t forget: Samuel decided he was too big for a character back pack this year, so William decided that he was too big too! I thought it was because they thought the characters were too childish, but it’s actually because the big backpacks have way more pockets, therefore way more places to hide stuff!

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Better Late than Never

August 2, 2010 at 9:37 pm (Family, Kids, Makes me Smile)

I’ve been going through Picasa trying to organize the photos and I came across Samuel’s last day of school. I can’t believe how much he grew this year. I also can’t believe that 1st grade starts in three weeks! I don’t know if I’m ready for sack lunches every day. I just hope that he love first grade as much as he loved kinder.

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Ben Turns 3! + # 2 Crossed of the Summer List!

July 30, 2010 at 9:38 am (Family, Kids)

The Birthday Boy!


 Monday was Ben’s 3rd birthday. I don’t know where the time went, but I cannot imagine our family without our stealth operator! Ben is still pretty quiet, but that allows him to sneak around much more efficiently! We didn’t do much during the because I was hosting a different birthday lunch, but we partied hard in the evening! We made Black Forest cupcakes and then we went to a showing of Toy Story 3 (thanks Dad!). 

Watching Toy Story 3


As a side note, my little sister is staying with us for a month before she heads off to BYU. She has been a super help watching kids and styling photos for the food blog! Unfortunately, she has also been in very close proximity when all the children have vomited at some point during the last two weeks! The worst one might have been Monday night. She was cramped between the two younger boys on the way home from the movie when Ben got sick. I know it’s really not funny, but it made me laugh …. just a little bit! 

Opening the presents

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Swimming Lessons ’10

July 28, 2010 at 12:53 pm (Family, Kids, Uncategorized)

This is our third year doing swimming lessons with Miss Joni. This year Ben joined his brothers and as an added bonus, the lessons took place at our neighborhood pool which meant there was lots of shade and plenty of chairs!

I think this was probably Samuel’s big year. I don’t know how much William advanced. Ben had a lot of fun, but we’re clearly not done with the lessons! Samuel might qualify for swim team next year, or we might just consider swimming a fun activity. The key is to go to the pool every day to practice. We’re usually about three times a week, but we might have to step it up a bit!

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A Little Something for Grandpa

June 18, 2010 at 3:31 pm (Family, Kids)

This is just to tide you over until I bore you with 170 pictures from our big adventure across the ocean!

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It’s a Hard-Knock Life

March 22, 2010 at 9:51 pm (Family, Kids)

Well, now that Spring Break is officially over at our house we are trying to get back to some sort of schedule. Samuel was on the bus first thing this morning with his lunch, his library book, and his reading logs.

The other boys were also up early, but they didn’t quite know what to do once Samuel left. I decided against the gym because I was going to be watching a friend’s daughter (when the friend’s daughter got sick I stuck to my guns and stayed home!).

I will not lie, there was a little bit of PBSkids, but I also managed to get dinner in the crockpot, lots of laundry done, plus a load of dishes.

For some reason everyone seems a little cranky though. After lunch, William went to the backyard, while Ben and Afton went for their naps. William and I then worked on Reading lesson #24 (so much easier the second time around!).

At this point it was only 12:30pm. What to do now? William wanted to watch another show, but they aren’t on again until 1:00 (I know I can find them other places, but when I stick to the PBS schedule it helps limit the time my kids watch). I told William to give me 5 minutes and then I would turn on the spelling games on the computer.

Well, imagine my surprise when I went to look for him a few minutes later and I found this on my bedroom floor:

It's a rough life!

Oh to be four years old!

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When free isn’t such a good deal

September 18, 2009 at 2:55 pm (Grrr!, Kids)

Don't we look happy?!

Don't we look happy?!

The only channel I let my kids watch at home is PBS Kids. I like that the shows are only on for a limited amount of time, and when they’re over the kids have no problem turning off the tv(for some reason they are not too eager to watch Sit and Be Fit!). I also like that there are no commercials and no violence. There’s also very little adult content, with the exception of Sesame Street, which I think tries a little too hard to be hip.

We waited in line for those BK crowns!

We waited in line for those BK crowns!

Right before school started, PBS sponsored a Back to School day at the Children’s Museum. It included free admission to the museum, crafts for the kids, plus a goody bag. I thought this might be a fun little Saturday adventure for us. Not so much. First off, you had to complete a kind of scavenger hunt to get the goody bag, so my kids didn’t see much o the museum because I was obsessed with filling out their cards (I promise I won’t take over their science fair projects, but we were in a time crunch!). Once we finished all of the cards, we didn’t even want to stay around because there were just way too many people. Also, the crafts and activities offered weren’t really set up for a billion people to participate. We didn’t even get any popcorn because I just couldn’t wait in the line. I think that I have to remind myself that I don’t really like people, so I need to stay away from crowded events. 

Don't worry, Ben was there too!

Don't worry, Ben was there too!

I think most times we would be better off paying the price of admission and having a little space to ourselves. I won’t even tell you about last Saturday’s sneak preview of a certain children’s movie. Suffice it to say that Doug was not a happy camper when there was a line, too many tickets, and not enough seats! Although, next week PBS is sponsoring a free screening of the new National Parks documentary at Mission San Jose. There will even be lots of fun activities for the kids…

Just like Disney World

Just like Disney World

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September 15, 2009 at 2:07 pm (Kids)

A two dollar day!

A two dollar day!

I took the boys to the dentist a couple of weeks ago, and Dr. Bob  mentioned that Samuel’s two bottom front teeth were loose. He was a little surprised that Samuel hadn’t mentioned it because they were very loose.

Flash forward a couple of weeks, and Samuel mentions that his tooth hurts while he’s eating his cereal. Being the ultra-sensitive mother that I am, I told him to chew with his back teeth! As he’s getting ready to board the bus, Doug notices that his tooth is actually missing. We don’t know exactly when this happened, but the toooth has not ever been found. I was prepared for drama about what the tooth fairy would do for missing teeth. How do you prove that you actually “lost” the tooth? 

Well, no worries, because when Samuel got off the bus that afternoon he had his secod tooth in a plastic bag. That’s right, two teeth in one day! Samuel was very worried that the tooth fairy wouldn’t find him at granny’s house, but he calmed down after we sent her an e-mail!

This is just one more thing forcing me to accept that he’s growing up. Making me even sadder was looking at his new big teeth that are coming in fast and furious. I had visual proof of what the dentist tells me every time we visit:

“Boy is the orthodontist going to love you!”

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

July 20, 2009 at 2:18 pm (Kids, Mom Stuff, Why I'm crazy)

They shouldn't even make diapers this size!

They shouldn't even make diapers this size!

Back before I had kids, before I was even married for that matter, I had a plan. That plan included having a baby once every 3 years beginning two years after my wedding. Part of the reasoning behind the every three years spacing was the fact that I only wanted to have one baby in diapers at a time. I also only wanted to have one baby home at a time, and I was counting heavily on my love of the pre-school system.

Well, the best laid plans… because right now I have four children at home, none of them are older than five, and three of the children are still in diapers! That’s right, three different sizes of diapers! I can’t really explain why I deviated so drastically from my plan except to say that I love having kids. If we waited three years between kids I’d be missing half my family right now, and I’d also be limiting myself to the number of kids, because, let’s face it, I’m no longer a spring chicken!

 Part of this is my fault, I should have been more proactive with William, but then we had Doug’s surgery and a million different house guest helpers and then a new baby and then lots of trips to show off the new baby. Unfortunately this has resulted in a three year old who couldn’t care less if he uses the toilet. I was hoping my sister-in-law Christie would be able to work some of her magic while we were in Canada, but she’s not a miracle worker!

So, now we are housebound. I’m letting William spend the day au naturel, hoping that he won’t pee all over the carpet! So, far so good. We’ve done this for two days, and I’m hoping it’ll only take a couple of more. Who knows, maybe I’ll try and train Benjamin while I’m at it!

If anyone has any less messy or more sanitary methods, I’m all ears!

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All (too)Quiet on the (south)Western Front

October 1, 2008 at 2:58 pm (Kids)

Who doesn’t love a little quiet time? I’m playing a relaxing game of tetris, and I’m thinking my kids are upstairs reciting their times tables and state capitals. They’re little geniuses, and I’m not one to stifle them. Unfortunately, William decided to work on self-paced computer engineering! On the bright side, I did learn how to reattach keys to the laptop. However, my spelling hasn’t been quite the same since it happened.

And, proving he belongs in our family, Benjamin has decided to nurture his curious side! I could take pictures every day of the mischief these boys find themselves in. It usually involves something edible, or something that makes a lot of noise.

There’s never a dull day around our  house!

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