Wherefore art thou Becel?

March 17, 2010 at 5:10 pm (Grrr!, Random Thoughts)

A love letter to my favorite spreadable margarine:

Dear Becel,

My love for you was nurtured in my home and native land. A spreadable margarine that is both heart healthy and tasty. Not to mention the miracle that is your ability to butter toast without making the toast soggy. Why do Canadians have a monopoly on non-soggy toast? Why do customs agents look at me like I’m crazy when I say that I’m declaring margarine? Why do I have to deprive my children of the goodness that is Becel because I never know when I’m going to get my next supply? Why oh why aren’t you available at a supermarket near me?

I have tried to replace you with American spreadable margarine, but nothing here has your je ne sais quoi. Even the Promise Spread with it’s near identical font was a disappointment. I was sure that Promise had to be America’s answer to Becel, but I was wrong. Even though, in theory, they are the same product, Promise lacks Becel’s magic.

I love you and I will always be loyal. Please move south of the border very soon.



ps:  I have just found a source that says it ships all kinds of Canadian goodness around the world. This could be my answer for Becel and ketchup chips!

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Google Much?

March 11, 2010 at 8:19 pm (Random Thoughts)

Do you ever Google yourself?

I have been known to do a little personal research, but my name is a fairly common one, and I usually can’t make it past the first three pages to see if there’s something actually about me. My sister-in-law, Ingrid is very famous. If you Google her, it’s actually her that comes up!

Anyway, the reason I bring up the search engines is because WordPress has a fancy schmancy feature that lets you see the search terms that people use to find our blog. There is one phrase that appears more than any other. You’re probably thinking, “world’s best mom,” but strangely enough, that isn’t it. The phrase that shows up most often is: “Big kid diapers.”

This is a little depressing for me, because I thought I was about more than just diapers! Anyway, in case you all were worried, everyone who should be potty trained in my house is potty trained(and has been for quite some time!)! We are down to two sets of diapers, and perhaps one day we’ll be down to one set of diapers!

Anyway, I’m off to Google different versions of myself to see if I’m famous … even just a little bit!

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Turn Around Don’t Drown

March 10, 2010 at 8:06 pm (Random Thoughts)

When we first moved here, San Antonio was experiencing one of the rainiest Summers on record (for those of you in Utah, rainy just means a lot of “moisture!”). There was a lot of flooding. Our neighborhood is pretty hilly, so there was never a lot of flooding around here, Mostly we would just see the drainage ditches filling up. However, every day we would see warnings on the freeways.

Turn Around Don’t Drown

I always thought to myself that it seemed like a ridiculous warning. If a road was covered in water, you obviously wouldn’t drive through it. That Summer though, quite a few people died because they got washed away by the water.

I hadn’t really thought about too much until a few weeks ago when we went out for an afternoon drive. We took some backroads, and we were checking out some different neighborhoods. At one point we came up to a closed road. The road was obviously closed due to high water. The road was still impassable even though it hadn’t rained that day. I got the camera out to take some pictures when I noticed this:

What is wrong with this picture?

Then on Sunday I was a substitute teacher for the 14  year olds on Sunday School. The lesson was, in part, about Lot and his wife, and what happened to them as they were leaving Sodom. I would like to think that if God was out there threatening to rain down fire on my city, that I might be quick to get on out of town. But they didn’t leave quickly, and then Lot’s wife turned around.

So, it’s had me questioning myself a little. I’ve never had a huge warning like Lot, or a big flashing sign that I haven’t listened to, but there have been lots of little things that I have been warned about. For example, I know that no good comes from having my kids play as much Super Mario Bros. as they play. I know that our home is far more harmonious when it is tidy and yet I can’t keep it tidy for very long. I am also quite certain that no good came out of Doug and I going to the French Quarter during mardi gras a few years ago.

So, what does all this man? Nothing at all really. I’m just rambling, but this whole thing has been on my mind. How do we heed the warnings, both big and small? If we aren’t listening to the little things, will we be prepared when the big things come our way?

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Avoiding What?

March 4, 2010 at 5:41 pm (Random Thoughts)

A little get well package for a friend

My friend Dixie has a theory that when one becomes super obsessed with finishing certain projects it’s because one is avoiding something else. So, after a week of finishing up various crafty projects around the house, I’m wondering what exactly it is that I’m avoiding.

I think we know who this is for

I think the most logical answer is the playroom. I don’t think I’ve walked up the stairs in two weeks. After a while the idea just terrifies me! It could also be the cleaning all of the bathrooms. I know we have to clean, but the whole house went through a nasty bug, and I don’t relish getting up close and personal with the toilets. Plus, 3 boys + 3 bathrooms = gross!

Just for fun!

I might also be avoiding the post office. I have a lot of stuff to mail, but I hate going in there with all of the kids. I would normally go to the after hours automated machine, but you can’t use those when you’re shipping internationally and I have a parcel for Canada (so far my mom’s birthday present is only a week late!). Update, this post has taken longer than I thought, so my mom’s present is now three weeks late, but as a bonus my dad is here, so I’m just sending it back with him. That means I can head to the post office after hours!

Even newly-pedicured toes are still a little ugly!

So far I have finished two rag quilts, six tie blankets for Project Linus, a Star Wars blanket for William, plus a pedicure for me. The bathrooms however, are all clean. My dad is here, so all of the laundry is clean, pressed and folded. I’m sure I’m still avoiding something, but I’m not quite sure what.

Any ideas?

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One of Those Days

February 10, 2010 at 12:26 pm (Random Thoughts)

Do you ever just have one of those days? The kind of day that might drive you to drink, if you were the drinking type? I’m not the drinking type, so those kind of days send me in search of San Pellegrino and a fancy crystal glass.

The kind of day where you run into a friend at Costco who does not even come close to resembling a woman who just had a baby 3 weeks ago, thereby makng your 8 month post-partum self look gigantic. Where, in that very same Costco the fudge sampler rubs your belly(without asking) and asks when the baby is due. Perhaps you shouldn’t have been buying the fudge, but perhaps the sampler might also have noticed the 8 month old baby in the cart.

Or maybe it’s the kind of day where you and a friend head a half an hour away to attend a much-anticipated chocolate making class. The class that promised some very dreamy samples. And perhaps once you arrive at said class you are informed that you only registered for one spot instead of two. Perhaps you are overcome with guilt because not only are you registration-challenged, but apparently the laws of physics don’t allow for squeezing another chair into the room (I don’t know if it’s really the laws of physics, but Doug probably won’t be reading this, so I’m letting it go).

Perhaps this really good friend offers to come and pick you up later because you decided to carpool (curse Al Gore and his environmentalism). Perhaps you are still overcome with the guilt of being both technologically illiterate and a horrible friend. Perhaps you decided to not go to the class, and perhaps that same friend tried to make you  feel better by buying you dinner.

Do you ever just get thrown for a loop by negativity? I mean, my day really wasn’t all that bad. I ended up having a great night out, I didn’t yell at my kids, and I’m fitting into all of my clothes,  but the whole thing left me sad and disappointed. I know I have the best life. I am seriously living my dream, so why be sad about a chocolate class?

I’m going to have to go and ponder this over a glass of San Pellegrino.

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Should you choose to accept it

January 26, 2010 at 10:32 pm (Random Thoughts, Why I'm crazy)

The Challenge:

Go a whole day without Complaining

I'm not complaining but... these boxes have been stacked
outside of the garage for three weeks!


A few weeks ago Doug mentioned that I complain a lot. I don’t disagree with that statement. I do complain… A LOT. I’m not quite sure where this comes from. I complain about big things, and I complain about things that make absolutely no sense. Doug is extremely patient with me, because if he complained, even half as much as I do, I would be a mess. It would hurt my self esteem if he told me I didn’t know how to load a dishwasher, or if he mentioned a million times to put a Bounce sheet in the dryer!

I’ve tried to think about how I should approach this challenge. Should I tell Doug, or should I wait to see if he notices? Can I write my complaints down in secret so that I can air them the next day? Can I post about all the things that I didn’t complain about? Should I wait until Doug and the kids go out of town for the day so that I’ll just be dealing with myself?

I think that if I can actually do this it would make our house a happier place to be. Plus, I’m pretty sure that if I decide to just deal with things instead of complaining I’ll feel a new sense of personal satisfaction.

Okay, I’ve convinced myself. I can do this. I am woman, hear me roar (but not in a complaining way!).

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

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Taking Inventory

January 11, 2010 at 6:32 pm (Random Thoughts, Why I'm crazy)

The first pile of fabric

Alrighty, we are well into January, so it’s officially time to get organized. We have been very successful at keeping the desk in the kitchen clean. It has been over two weeks, and there is still nothing on it that shouldn’t be on it. I was inspired by Anna’s Christmas gift. Doug and I also have an agreement that if either of us put something on the desk that doesn’t belong there, then we have to pay the other person one dollar. So far, I’m up a dollar. It’s been a very good incentive for us.

 Now, I’m on to phase 2: The fabric collection. I try and I try to not buy new fabric … unless I have a really good use for it. Well, I think I have a really good use for almost everything, but I’m not using it. Am I the only one with piles of fabric? So, I’m going to start some sewing projects in an attempt to pare down the clutter. I have some stuff to do for Ingrid, plus I never finished what I was doing for Andrea (that is mostly because I’m still cursing the Minky!) Also, there’s a baby boom going on in our ward right now, so I should be able to unload some fabric on burp cloths and blankets. I’m wondering if it’s wrong to use up all my fabric just so that I can go buy more fabric. I really, really love fabric! Thanks Trisha for keeping me honest. I don’t know where you saw the idea, but I”m running with it!

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Where does the time go?

January 6, 2010 at 10:41 pm (Random Thoughts)

I swear it was just just yesterday that my kids were all young and cute, and now here they are sporting facial hair! Alright, I’m coming back tomorrow. Don’t get too excited!

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Sorry For the Long Delay!

November 13, 2008 at 5:03 pm (Random Thoughts)

Ben Affleck

I thought about writing this whole long post of everything I’ve been doing since the last time I posted, but that would take about 2 million pictures, and I don’t have the patience. I also thought about making up some story about how I had run off with Ben Affleck (after all, I was the original Mrs. Affleck), but that seemed in poor taste seeing as both he and I are happily married. Although, I really think we could all be friends, and if you’re reading this, Anne, I would have Jennifer Garner play me, and Ben could play Doug. I like to think I’m super tough! Then, it crossed my mind that I could pretend that I had been posting this whole time and that the posts just got lost in the vastness that is the internet. I also considered some kind of finding myself pilgrimage story, but those who know me know I wouldn’t be trekking to Lourdes, I’d be trekking to Saks.

What’s a delinquent blogger to do? I’ll just come clean: I’ve been busy!

Here’s how it played out: A trip to Dallas followed by a visit from Mom, followed by a week-end at TOFW, folllowed directly by a visit from Dad, followed by a rocking SYKYCD party (if you have to ask, clearly you need lessons in cool!!),followed by a trip to Baton Rouge, followed immediately by a visit from big brother (my actual big brother, not some kind of Orwellian allegory!).  This was all mixed with birthdays, and day trips. Just to give you an idea, this past Monday we started the day at Senor Cheese’s, caught a free donut because the hot light was on, then headed to the Alamo, then to the riverwalk for a boat cruise, then to a BBQ place for lunch, then to the zoo. That was all before 4:00pm. I just don’t want you all thinking I’m lazy!

Now though, it’s been almost too long to recap. I’ll have to post some some pictures from the parties and the visits with the grandparents.

I promise I am now officially out from under the rock. I’m a slacker with thank you notes and phone calls, but I’m working on it!

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Pass the Post It Holder, or the Moose Gets it!

October 8, 2008 at 2:51 pm (Random Thoughts)

Help Me!

Help Me!

Alright, so maybe it isn’t exactly kosher to threaten a child’s stuffed animal, certainly when said animal only made its way into my house because someone was being extra thoughtful by bringing me dinner! But, I’m not above holding  a stuffed moose for ransom! Here’s the thing, Dixie made these super cute post-it holders and posted about them here. But how could she post them in all their cuteness, and then not post directions?! Who does that? I’ll tell you who … people who want to rub their paper craftiness in your (or, in this case my) face! Well, I’m not taking it anymore. I’ve got the moose and I’m not giving him back until I see some instructions. Actually he’ll probably go back when I return the Tupperware, but I’m making a point!

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